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PRIV Talks

Join PRIV TALKS, where we discuss everything about being a women in business.  Covering everything from fashion, to business start ups, we promise to make you laugh! 

Oct 3, 2017

If you love being cozy, you're going to love this week's guests. Donni and Bailey are hanging out with Ashley, Mercedes and Theresa... the boss babes who have started a #romperrevolution with Smash + Tess! What started as a mother daughter tradition has turned into one of the most sought after fashion pieces and guess what, they're coming to PRIV! Find out how these bad ass babes keep up with the demand of a rapidly growing business, why they think females do it better and who loves a good spanking! Plus, they're giving us the inside scoop at what's to come for holiday and it doesn't disappoint!!! | #PRIVtalks