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PRIV Talks

Join PRIV TALKS, where we discuss everything about being a women in business.  Covering everything from fashion, to business start ups, we promise to make you laugh! 

Mar 28, 2017

Things are about to get inspirational on this week's episode of PRIV Talks as Donni & Bailey are joined by the talented Britney Gill! This boss babe photographer is diving into all sorts of topics with the girls... from feminism to social media to manifesting your future and she's even sharing her top tips for getting...

Mar 21, 2017

The PRIV Babes are joined by the ultimate girly girl founder Nicole Courchaine of Heiress Swimwear this week. Donni, Bailey and Keeks are sitting down with this self-taught boss babe to chat bikinis, steak + BJ Day, guilty pleasures and the struggles of product development. | #PRIVTalks

Mar 14, 2017

Get ready girls because Lisa the founder and boss babe behind The Skin Girls (@theskingirls) is in the house and she's joining Donni, Bailey and Carley to talk the 3 B's... business, beauty and botox! We're asking all the questions you want to know and breaking down some of the crazy cool services her clinic has to...

Mar 7, 2017

It's an exciting week on PRIV Talks as Donni, Bailey and Leah are joined by one of the biggest sweethearts around, Monika Hibbs! Not only is she one of the first ever bloggers to partner with PRIVILEGE but she's also a mom of 2 who has managed to grow her brand into one of the most successful blogs out there! The girls...