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PRIV Talks

Join PRIV TALKS, where we discuss everything about being a women in business.  Covering everything from fashion, to business start ups, we promise to make you laugh! 

Jun 25, 2019

Donni, Leah, and Kate are reporting live from West Hollywood to chat with the Intern Queen herself. Lauren went from holding 15+ internships in her college years to helping over 6 million people reach their career aspirations. She's here to help you advance your career, pick yourself up after being rejected, and the...

Jun 18, 2019

The PRIV Babes are back in LA and chatting with Lauryn Evarts of the Skinny Confidential. Lauryn gives Donni, Leah, and Katelyn the skinny on growing your brand, overcoming obstacles, and trusting your gut. PLUS, Lauryn shares her skin care current obsession that we're all dying to try! 

Jun 4, 2019

The Babes are back and getting ready for summer with Hannah and Ainsley, founders of Londré Bodywear. These besties dreamed up their business on a beach in Mexico (margarita in hand) and are here to talk about sustainability, body positivity, and what's really in Kati's water bottle. PLUS, find out their...